Blenard Azizaj
In the beginning

The monsters are often the guardians of treasure and they must be slayed in order to retrieve it. In a creative journey we often find our way through a labyrinth. We take wrong turns, hit walls, get lost. Creation is a ritual after all. In our inner labyrinths our monsters fulfill a necessary guardian role, a part of ourselves that needs to be conquered in order to create. In the end love and fear, sin and virtue come from the same root. There are no devils - with god’s presence they don’t exist. They were just shadows of our gods!
Stavros Gasparatos, Nick Cave, Murcof
Choreography and conception:
Blenard Azizaj
Erika Mikirticheva, Sergey Manuylov, Ksenia Romashova, Yulia Selivanovskaya, Valeriy Argunov, Leonid Leontiev, Anastasia Turkova, Maxime Ghemri

Blenard is a Berlin based Dancer/ Choreographer born in Albania. He studied at the National State School of Dance in Greece, where he was graduated as a Dancer/Dance Pedagogy and Choreography. He has worked and collaborated with various companies around Europe such as Sasha Waltz & Guests in Berlin, Akram Khan Company in London, and Cie Linga in Lausanne, Hellenic Dance Company in Athens. His career has taken him around the globe, touring and performing in international dance festivals.

In addition he is creating and teaching his dance vocabulary in dance companies, dance & theatre academies, and several studios around the world. In addition, he has collaborated with diverse contemporaries as well as worked alone to create and produce his original pieces such as "NoBody's Land", "Fleeting Feathers", "Sacred Scars", "Walls", "Parallel narratives" and "The Garden".