Disha Zhang

In one of my works which I staged 15 years ago I had a statement: “We still can ride a bike towards the sunrise”. Both that and my new work are dedicated to lives of ordinary people. While my life goes on, the beauty will go on!
Esther Ofarim, Jan Kaczmarek, Elizabeth Mitchell
Choreography and conception:
Disha Zhang
Konstantin Semenov, Anastasia Pershenkova, Maria Beck, Denis Dmitriev, Elena Solomyanko, Andrey Kirichenko

Zhang Disha is a 2002 graduate of Beijing Dance Academy in Modern Dance Choreography and later joined Beijing Modern Dance Company.

Her signature duet of 2003: “Beijing Stories” was invited by Pina Bausch to be performed as part of the Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal Art Festival in Germany. After leaving the company, she became an independent choreographer.

Her choreography “Come Here” was performed by GUO Chengwu in 2006 on the Prix de Lausanne stage of Beaulieu Theatre, where GUO became that year’s 2nd Prize Winner. Her 2008 creation of “Ever More” won the 3rd place in the 22nd Hannover International Modern Dance Choreography Competition. The 2009 work of “Three Points” won the 1st prize in the 4th No-Ballet International Modern Dance Choreography Competition in Germany, and the 1st prize in the 14th Masdanza International Modern Dance Choreography Competition in Spain. “This is the best Chinese modern dance piece that we’ve seen so far, its original form and profound message fascinated us all.” as Jury Members praised. The 2010 creation of “Crowded Heart” won the Choreography Award in the 3rd Beijing International Competition for Dance Schools. It was later performed on the 2010 YAGP stage. Her 2011 choreography of “Tequila” received the Choreography Award in Beijing Dance Academy. The same year, “Point, Line”, an ensemble, was sponsored and invited by YAGP organization to be performed on its annual Gala. Meanwhile, “Nobody Knows”, a signature solo of hers was performed by WANG Le on the finals. Both pieces were very well received. In 2012, “My First Modern Dance” won the prize for Modern Dance Choreography in the 7th Helsinki International Ballet Competition in Finland. “Linen Braids” won the Choreography Award in the 4th Beijing International Invitational for Dance Schools. In 2013, “Linen Braids” won the Choreography Award in the 2nd International Ballet and Choreography Competition, held in the China National Centre for the Performing Arts. In 2015, “How Beautiful Is Heaven” and “Linen Braids” were invited by Mr. John Neumeier to be performed in the Nijinsky Gala in Germany. Meanwhile she guest-rehearsed these works to the National Youth Ballet(Hamburg). Her outstanding work directly led to a second invitation from Mr. Kevin Haigen to choreograph a new work for the National Youth Ballet (Hamburg), which premiered in Hamburg in February 2017.