Dustin Klein

X² is based on and inspired by the work of avant-garde artist, Kazimir Malevich, in particular the pureness and simplicity of the Suprematist art movement. In studying the iconic ‘Black Square’, a painting which at first look appears incredibly simple, Dustin Klein was inspired not only by the beauty and intrigue of the painting itself, but also by the history of the canvas, what lies beneath the final painting and how it still represents a pivotal moment in the history of abstraction and the epitome of Suprematism.
Kangding Ray, William Basinski
Dustin Klein
Louise Flanagan
Creative Director
Paul Putzar
Motion Designer
Nicolai Kovacs
Valeria Mukhanova, Alexey Lubimov, Ksenia Shevtsova, Alexander Seleznev, Zhanna Gubanova, Sarel Afanasyev, Polina Zayarnaya

Born in Germany in 1986, Dustin Klein began his dance training at his mother’s dance school in Landsberg am Lech, graduating from the Royal Ballet School in London in 2006. After starting his professional career in Düsseldorf at Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Dustin moved to the Bavarian State ballet in Munich in 2008, where he has performed in a number of productions including soloist roles for Jiří Kylián, Terence Kohler, Richard Siegal, Pina Bausch and Russell Maliphant.

Inspired by working alongside acclaimed choreographers such as these, in 2012 Dustin challenged himself to choreograph his individual pieces.

Choreographic works: "Myopic Bounds" - Stadttheater Landsberg am Lech , 2012; "Repeater RPTR" - Stadttheater Landsberg am Lech , 2014; "Auf der Matte Bleiben" – Tanz an der Kante Festival, Achselschwang, 2014; "Carnival" – Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, 2014; "Repeater RPTR II" – Schwere Reiter Munich, 2015; "DisTanz" -  Bavarian State Ballet II, 2015;  "Wer ko der ko" – Schauspielhaus Stuttgart, 2017; "Mama, Ich kann fliegen" - Bavarian State Ballet, 2017; “Old news” – Origen Festival Cultural, Burg Riom, Switzerland, 2017