Olga Vasilieva

Imagine a cocoon. Inside it life making its way out develops. If something external breaks a hole trying to help it will be born weak or die. But having overcome the path of maturation on its own and having strengthened oneself, it will be ready to meet the outside world. Nature creates obstacles, but it takes time, patience and work.

Fighting is a natural way of power.

Ezio Bosso
Choreography and concept:
Olga Vasilieva
Ivan Vinogradov
Tanya Bakunova
Evgeny Poklitar, Anna Okuneva, Polina Zayarnaya, Jean Deryagin, Eleonora Silverio, Natalia Sazanova
Born in Leningrad. In 2015 graduated from the Faculty of Education of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. Attended master-classes and seminars on contemporary dance techniques conducted by Russian and foreign teachers. Took part in such festivals as TSEH (Moscow), Kasok (St. Petersburg), Impuls Tanze (Vienna), Deltebre Dance Festival (Deltebre, Spain). In 2017 had an internship at Maslool Professional Dance Program in Tel Aviv. 

As a dancer she took part in performances of Russian and foreign choreographers: The Lost Voices of Hum Drum by Mikko Lampinen,Forest by Liliya Burdinskaya, Fade by Alexander Lyubashin (project Lyubashin brothers group) and Anna Kucheryavaya’s film The Garden (choreography by Alexander Chelidze; duet with Vladimir Varnava). Among her own productions: Ideas, Dream in a dream, Eve, Memento Mori, Sway, On the Verge, Start of the Middle, First Thing, Reminiscence, etc.

In 2017 for the Creative Workshop of Young Choreographers she staged the miniature Wordiness to music by Nils Frahm and Max Richter. At the Voronezh Chamber Theatre created the production We (2018) to music by Alexander Karpov.

Olga Vasilieva has Grand Prix of the Young Choreographers' Competition Take-off Strip (St. Petersburg) and the Grand Prix of the Young Choreographers Competition of the International Festival of Contemporary Choreography CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva. Also she is the winner of the Riga Spring Competition.