Solomon Berrio-Allen

The piece stems from an enquiry into the notions of attachment and detachment. It explores how something or someone can become our anchor and a pivotal piece of our puzzle. Losing this centre thrusts us into unfamiliar territories, forcing us to navigate new waters. We often hold onto things that are not always of service to us. Sometimes we have to let go of these anchors in order to evolve. ‘What’s lost is found’
Origamibiro, Aaron Martin, Milton Nascimento, Part Timer
Choreography and conception:
Solomon Berrio-Allen
Evgeny Poklitar, Yuri Vybornov, Natalia Klishina, Dina Levin, Valeria Mukhanova

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Solomon is an award winning choreographer and freelance dance artist based in London. He is currently working on international commissions with Stanislavsky Ballet Company and Danish Dance Theatre. He is also 1st place winner of 10th CICC (Copenhagen International Choreography Competition) and Audience Prize winner.

In his dance experience he has worked with artists such as Mark Baldwin, David Zambrano, Lea Anderson, Maciej Kuźmiński and is a company member with Russell Maliphant Company.

He has also worked with film having been commissioned by Channel 4 (Random Acts) to create the short film 'Body Rites' in collaboration with director Naomi Simone.

Solomon has taken his artistic practice to international festivals such as Stockholm Fringe Festival, GUIdance International Festival in Portugal and Copenhagen International Choreographic Gala. Solomon is currently installing his independent work and seeking funding for his new creation.